Pilot for the Systems Alliance Navy and Shuttle Pilot and Procurement Specialist for the SSV Normandy SR-2.
Steve Cortez

Never do that again. Sir.

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"You got me at original. That alone will keep me from messing with it. A beautiful model really. I’m a bit jealous you have something this nice. How’d you get your hands on this?


He couldn’t help but ogle it. Personally, as a collector, it was something he instantly became invested with. Still unfamiliar with a lot of the weaponry of this period, something told him that Cortez would get him through the general knowledge of a lot of it.

—If he asked politely, that is.

"Two parts luck, one part connections and three parts being a really good smooth talker when it comes to dealing with the many vendors on the Citadel." He laughed, propping his hands on his hips. He might’ve been puffing his chest out a bit, too. There were many things the pilot was proud of but in this particular moment, he was most proud of that.


He watched Adam’s admiration of the weapon with a grin. “You know, if you like it that much, I can see about getting you one that’s actually meant for humans to use.”

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There is no sign of impression on his face as both hands are brought together, the tips of his fingers poised against his lips; in fact he seems more confused than anything else.

          “You felt the need to tell me this, why, exactly?

He raised an eyebrow, completely unfazed by the reaction- or lack of an appropriate one, as the case may be. He knew who he was dealing with.

"Because there are a total of four people who hack into my account and sign me up for all those newsletters. One of the three is me and two of the other possible subjects wouldn’t do that. You, on the other hand…"

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I spent as much time tinkering on my bird as flying her. Got a bit of a reputation.

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When James had found out he mixed up the days he had told Steve he’d be home for Shore Leave, he initially was going to tell him, but he figured why not surprise him? James knew that Steve was at work at this time so he made his way over to the shop.

It was already getting late and he half expected the ex-pilot to be closing any time soon. Lucky for James, there was still lights inside when the cab brought him. Slowly, he stepped into the shop and took a glance around. It wasn’t long before he spotted a familiar back and a small grin crept across his lips.

His stance shifted as he leaned back against the way into a more casual pose. Before he crossed his arms over his chest, he knocked his knuckles against the wall as if he was still waiting to be let in. Then, he called out to the man.

" Excuse me. I’m here for a pick up.
  I’m looking for a sexy engineer who’s probably working overtime. “

It was another long shift in the garage and Steve could be found in the same position he was normally in while working on vehicles. He could’ve left at any time and he knew it but keeping his hands busy late at night was something he preferred over the quiet apartment that he’d been occupying by himself while James was away.

He heard some movement outside of the garage and some shuffling right by the door but didn’t turn around. Whoever it was would make themselves known, one way or another, and he was ready for whatever they wanted. He was a workaholic, not stupid after all.

The voice he heard after the knock brought a smile to his lips. He didn’t turn away from his work, though. 

"You’re a bit too late- the sexy engineer left about two hours ago. You’ll have to deal with me, unfortunately."

The Three Amigos

It’d be a lot easier for me to tell you how to fix it if you actually told me what it was.


The M35 Mako infantry fighting vehicle was designed for the Systems Alliance's frigates. It is designed to fulfill the role of rapid deployment that its predecessor, the M29 Grizzly, fell short of accomplishing. Though the interior is cramped, an M35 is small enough to be carried in the cargo bay and easily deployed on virtually any world.

It can also make you go from a powerful badass taking down a base with the main cannon to tumbling down the side of a mountain upside down in five seconds flat.


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"craziest time of my life-- but it's been a good ride."