Pilot for the Systems Alliance Navy and Shuttle Pilot and Procurement Specialist for the SSV Normandy SR-2.
Steve Cortez





              “… Not a scratch, look.”

                              Save the irreparable dent gracing the nose
                              of the shuttle. Raleigh coughs into his glove,
                              awkwardness against his cheeks. 

              “We’re alive, right? That’s what matters. I
                promise that… we’ll never do this again.”

Okay, now he felt a little bad.

"It’s not like it’s that big of a deal. Besides, no one’ll notice that it’s a bit banged up besides me. And if you’re okay with it looking like that, so am I."

That was a horrible lie.

He’d be trying to bang out that dent as soon as he had some free time.

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                 ”But… Steve…

                                     I’m adorable.

"You have your moments, I’ll give you that."


ltcortez said: "That’s basically the exact same thing he said about himself. You two both need to work on your story… and how to look pretty."


                 ”Are you saying I’m not pretty, Cortez?”

Without even a second of hesitation.

"I’m saying you have potential but you need to put some actual effort into it."

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"[ Would Steve be a cat or a dog person? or both? ]"

Steve is thoroughly entertained by casts and their behavior but I envision him as being a lover of dogs. Especially big dogs.

Post war, he would have two cats- one he saved and one that he woke up next to in the wreckage that he says saved him.

He would also have a Saint Bernard named James.

(Unless he ended up with Vega, then he’d have two huskies named Ivan and Sasha.)

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"[ Faceclaim meme if you're still doing it: Danai Gurira ]"


Eliré Corsat

Once a member in the Galactic Senate, she became a powerful ally for the Rebellion as she worked as a mole for them. Though she was never one for combat, her knowledge of the inner workings of the Empire was far more of a boon to the cause than any one person with a blaster. 

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"fc meme: idris elba"

Isaac Curtis

If you’ve heard of his name, it’s already too late. He’s already left the city with all the money you own in a bag or bank account. He’s the worst kind of con-artist you can run into: he can convince you to willingly give up all your money with a smile on your face.


Boeing Kittyhawk


And there it was. The cockiest smirk that James could ever make. When he saw the face that his fellow lieutenant had, James knew he got him. A rare occasion indeed.

" A couple weeks ago.
  Nice moves, Esteban. “


He dropped his face into the palm of his hand, muttering something under his breath before looking back up at James. His cheeks slightly different in color, he asked another question.

"Why do I ever drink with you? I do nothing but incriminate myself for you to use against me later."

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That’s it. He’s speechless. When he finally can get his brain working well enough to use his words, he can only come up with three of them.

"When was that?"